Office Setup

Office Setup

Setup Office with Product Key

Office Setup – Setup Office with Product Key – – Microsoft Office is a collection of applications relating to offices. Each program serves a unique function and provides its users a different service. In Microsoft office user activate their product with 25 digit code. is an official connection where a customer can trigger the software with their 25 digit product key.

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Find out the product setup key

To make the product functional it is required to activate the program with the product key. They key can easily be found as it is printed on the backside of the Microsoft office retail card. The format of the key is shown below 77EFG-*-ABC79

Visit and redeem your key.

office setup
  1. By activating it online, user can install office with key. User should have office account to activate product key online. To access all Microsoft Office has to say, it must be mounted on a desktop or laptop computer.
  2. There is a version for computers running Windows and Mac. However, you can also install MS Office on tablets, and if the tablet, like the Microsoft Surface Pro, can function as a computer, you can still access all the features from there.
There are some product details of office which are as follows:
Microsoft office app
  • Word – to create documents, flyers, publications
  • PowerPoint – to create presentations
  • Excel – to store, organize, and manipulate data
  • One Drive – to store data online
  • One Note – to organize data you collect including handwritten notes, drawings, screen captures, audio clips, and more
  • Publisher – to create extensive flyers, menus, posters, publications
  • Outlook – to manage email and calendars, to do lists, and contacts
  • Access – to capture and analyze data from computers or networks

How can i download & setup MS Office Setup on My device?

If you have purchased either MS office retail card, the key must be at the back side of the card. Let’s follow it’s steps to download & install MS office setup:

  1. Go to browser and type in the address bar.
  2. Peel the sticker from the back side of the Office retail card and get the 25-digit alpha-numeric Product key.
  3. Enter the 25-digit Product key.
  4. Sign in with Microsoft account or create an account if you don’t have one.
  5. Select the appropriate country and language.
  6. Click on continue.
  7. Now Download the setup file and double click on the setup file to start the installation.

How can i install MS Office Setup on My Windows device?

After downloading the office software, next process comes to install Office on Windows system. To install the Office setup, follow the below mentioned steps: For Windows PC

  1. Visit official link which is: and log in with your registered email ID and password
  2. New customers can select sign up and provide the required details for registration
  3. Now, select Install Office and follow the further instructions
  4. However, if you have bought Microsoft Office that appears with a product key then enter the 25-digit key to the website to start the download procedure.

How can i install MS Office Setup on My Mac device?

To install the Office setup, follow the below mentioned steps: For Mac device:

  1. To download the visit at to Microsoft Office Setup for Mac.
  2. Choose the version from the list and easily click install to start the installation.
  3. Tap on Continue to further installation steps.
  4. Before going on installing process, read user licence agreement carefully first and proceeds to continue.
  5. In next window, you will receive licence term & condition. So, tick box on Agree.
  6. Before clicking on install tab, you can select disk space folder on your device you want to place it.
  7. After that, fill user name, password of administrator account.
  8. You will be suggested to activate the Office setup.
  9. Now, Login to the Activate Office Wizard.
  10. For this, the prompt will ask your email id.
  11. Enter the id and select “I need to activate the software over the Internet”.
  12. Click Next to complete the activation procedure.

How can i activate MS Office Subscriptions on My device?

install office setup

The user should have 25 digits office product key and also Microsoft Account to setup office with product key. You can conveniently build account for those users who do not have any Microsoft Office account. To activate MS office subscriptions, user can follow the instructions which are given below:

  1. Move mouse cursor or hit on the “Start” button on the taskbar.
  2. Now, choose “All Programs” option.
  3. Then, open the Microsoft Office folder.
  4. Open any MS word app.
  5. The office application would be launch.
  6. Next, it will be asked to activate the Office productivity suite.
  7. After that, tap on the “Activate” option.
  8. Accept licence & agreement certificate.
  9. Tick on Agree option.
  10. Enter 25 digit office product key.
  11. Select language and press continue.
  12. Then click submit.
  13. Finally your product will be activate.

How to proceed with Microsoft Office Online?

  1. Unable to download setup for Microsoft Office for Windows.
  2. Error in downloading Office Setup from Microsoft office official website.
  3. Reinstall/Uninstall Microsoft Office Setup.
  4. Microsoft Office update errors.
  5. Office installation errors.
  6. Microsoft Office activation problem.
  7. Not able to find Microsoft Office product key.
  8. Microsoft Office product key not working.
  9. Microsoft Office network connectivity problems.
  10. 0x80070005 error during installation.
  11. Reset the Microsoft account password.
  12. Fix Microsoft Office activation errors.

Setting up Microsoft Office from

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Office Repair and Re-Install

While introducing MS Office on your PC or some other device, some of the time our devices is either not perfect or may need in some product part that raises a blunder on our screen and does not let office com setup to finish. What’s more, in some cases we don’t generally recognize what the blunder is about. We attempt to fix the mistake via online and endeavor to investigate the issue ourselves; these issues here and there will in general separate your PC. Furthermore, you here and there end up having more issues while attempting to abandon the issues which were only simple to expel. We will help you in fixing these issues, we will evacuate every one of the mistakes identified with Office and ensure that your PC is running great and is a great idea to introduce Office on your PC. We will likewise expel the old rendition of Office, backing up your records and introduce a more up to date form of Office on your PC. We will also eliminate the outdated records messing with your software library and documents.

Errors on Office Setup

You might get some errors while installing and Setup up office. Office setup is not a complex process at all; it is really easy to install office on your computer. You just need to put all the details at and once you have done that you will automatically be prompted to the Office Setup Download page and once you download the Office you can run the installation file from your downloads. But in some cases it gets complex with the errors and warnings produced by the Office Setup that determines your Suitability and Compatibility to run Office on your device. If the office is not compatible with the device, you can simply get an error that you don’t know about. So in order to fix that error you need to find what the error code is all about. Your error will be in 0000×0 Format and once you note the error code down you can simply search it in the Google or Microsoft Office forums and you will get instant results on how to solve the error. Once you have done that, you can reset the process of setting up office on your computer. In case you could not download and are still facing troubles you can simply contact Microsoft Office Support team and they will get it fixed for you.